Data Products
BK14_bandpowers_20151030.txt Text file containing bandpowers and error bars for all BB spectra shown in Figure 14 of BK-VI. Error bars are the standard deviation of lensed-ΛCDM+noise simulations and hence contain no sample variance on any additional signal component.
BK14_cosmomc.tgz Data and code necessary for reproducing analysis results from BK-VI. Examples of how to run this code and reproduce the figures are included.
BK14_r_likelihood_20151029.txt Text file containing the tabulated likelihood for the tensor-to-scalar ratio, r, marginalized over dust and synchrotron foreground components, as shown with the black curve in the upper left panel of Figure 4 of BK-VI.
BK14_components_20151030.txt Text file containing the per-ell bin spectral decomposition found in Figure 6 of BICEP2/Keck Array VI. Includes the most probable value and 68%/95% credible intervals for CMB, dust, and synchrotron components. See file header or BK-VI for more details.
FITS files containing the apodization mask used for the BK14 power spectrum analysis (common mask used for both 95 and 150 GHz maps). The mask is provided for either celestial (cel) or Galactic (gal) coordinates in Healpix format with Nside=512 and RING ordering.

NOTE: While this apodization represents the spatial weighting applied to maps for the BK14 power spectrum analysis, it does not fully describe the weighting of modes. Timestream filtering and deprojection of instrumental beam systematics remove additional modes from the maps and are accounted for in the BK14 analysis by Monte Carlo techniques.


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