Data Products
BK15_bandpowers_20180920.txt Text file containing bandpowers and error bars for all BB spectra used in the BK15 likelihood analysis. Bandpowers are specified as ℓ (ℓ+1) C / 2π in units of μK2. These are the same data as shown in Figure 13 of BK-X, except that figure uses 100 ℓ C / 2π. The error bars include sample variance corresponding to the maximum likelihood lensed-ΛCDM+r +dust+synchrotron model, as in Figure 13.
BK15_r_likelihood_20180920.txt Text file containing the tabulated likelihood for the tensor-to-scalar ratio, r, marginalized over dust and synchrotron foreground components, as shown with the black curve in the upper left panel of Figure 4 of BK-X.
BK15_components_20180921.txt Text file containing the per-ell bin spectral decomposition found in Figure 14 of BK-X. Includes the most probable value and 68%/95% credible intervals for CMB, dust, and synchrotron components. See file header or BK-X for more details.
Text files containing average bandpass of BK15 95, 150, and 220 GHz maps.
BK15_cosmomc.tgz Data and code necessary for reproducing analysis results from BK-X. Examples of how to run this code and reproduce the figures are included.
BK15_Nl_fsky_20181102.txt Text file containing noise bandpowers, standard deviation of the noise bandpowers, and effective sky fraction for the BK15 95, 150, and 220 GHz auto-spectra. These values are shown in Figure 3 of BK-X.


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